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Seattle Chinese Realtor
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"Home" is where your heart is. "House" is where to live in enjoyfully and your great investment.
To sell your house once you call it home is sometimes difficult decision. If you have decided to sell your house for any reason, you would like it to be sold for a good price and a smooth transaction. You need to ponder and prepare for the following.
Timing the sale:From late February to the end of June is the first peak season for real estate market. Most families sell in this season to plan for their kids' next school year. The 2nd peak season usually starts from Labor Day and continues to the early November. Other time of the year is relatively slow.
Making Exterior Improvements---To increase your house's Curb Appeal---Look does matter:
Paint or touch up window frames, front shutters, front door etc;
Freshly mow & trim your lawn; remove dead or dying trees and cut back over grown schrubs;
Keep outside Clear & Clean
Making Interior Improvements---Content, the appealing Inside, makes the sale---the 3Cs: Clean up, Clear out & the Cosmetic touch up:
Clean up throughly, the kitchen, windows, bathrooms etc and eliminate odors;
Clear out all the clutter and excess furnitures to make room neat and roomy;
Cosmetic touch up painting, cracks etc.
Price must be Right
Marketing and Negotiation